Instant Recipe Card Creator Is Going Away...

This Unique Software Has Run Its Course

Hello, Foodie Friend!

Thanks for visiting this site! Unfortunately, after nearly 10 years, I have made the difficult decision to take this site down and discontinue support & maintenance of the Instant Recipe Card creator software.

It was a great idea for a long time, and there still seems to be some interest in it, but its time has passed and it is time for me to let it go.

THANKS SO MUCH to All My Past Loyal Customers!

This software was my baby... and it's so hard to say goodbye. But the reality is that I just don't have time to work on improving it and without doing that, it's just getting old and clunky and perhaps not working well with newer versions of Windows.

So... thank you and GOOD BYE!


Kathi MacNaughton
Email: kathiATinstant-recipe-cardsDOTcom (Replace "AT" with "@" and "DOT" with ".")

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